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Love your Garden!

Love your Garden!

Gardening has the potential to be a fun and rewarding experience. On the other hand, there are also times when you can become downright frustrated at an overall lack of progress. It is very true that a “green thumb” is normally required to enjoy a great deal of success. However, it can also be argued that the commitment aimed towards this pastime is equivalent to the happiness that you will ultimately enjoy. The trick is to find a balance between knowledge and for lack a better word, love. Let’s take a look at how this can be accomplished.

Step by stepĀ 

Never believe that you will become an expert overnight. Whether referring to a patio installation, planting fruit trees or adding shrubbery to the perimeter, the fact of the matter is that there is normally a steep learning curve if you expect to make progress. Take baby steps and be patient. One way to accomplish this is to only attempt projects that you can handle. Many make the mistake of trying to transform their garden in one fell swoop. Break your tasks down and think through any project in your head before you pick up a rake or shovel.

Your Garden, Your Personality

In order for you to love your garden, you should always strive to make it reflect your unique tastes. This is important for two reasons. First, you will be able to approach any task with enthusiasm and verve. Such attitudes will provide you with the motivation necessary to complete even the most challenging of tasks. The other point to be made here is how you emotionally feel when in your garden. This area should boast less of a pragmatic design. Instead, it is associated with a place of refuge and relaxation. In this sense, think a bit outside of the box if you feel that conventionality does not fit. When you begin to personally identify with your garden, you will quickly learn that anything is possible.

Learn Your Speciality

There can be many different areas that you wish to eventually address. Some common concerns include: Masonry, Landscaping, Growing fruits and vegetables, Privacy, Ambient lighting…

Never believe that you will be able to master each discrete subject. Instead, focus upon a specific task that you feel the most comfortable with. Part of loving your garden is realising that there is nothing wrong with enlisting the help of a trained professional when required.

Get Family and Friends Involved

A final way to become immersed within your garden is to enlist the aid of family and friends. Not only can this provide some much-needed help on occasion, but you might even find that others have some unique ideas that are perfectly applicable with your desires. Always remember that a garden is meant to be a social gathering place. Asking others to become involved will imbue any project with a sense of collaboration. Without love, your garden will simply be another small plot of land. Much like your home, this area should be viewed as an extension of yourself and those around you. If you keep these suggestions in mind during your next project, a sensation of love and oneness will not be far off!

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