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Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas

There are many exciting garden design ideas which can transform your garden into your own private paradise. Even if you only implement one idea each year or two, ultimately it can end up being what you have always dreamed of.

A New Pathway

A new pathway design can make your garden look terrific. Try to find paving stones that are an inspiring colour, and make sure that when you lay the slabs, they are broad enough to make walking on them comfortable. If you are building a main path, aim for a width of at least 6 feet, that way two people can walk along side by side. In the case of smaller pathways and walking in single file, aim for a minimum width of 3 feet. If you are laying the pathway next to high structures or plantings, it can make the path space seem quite restrictive, so try to make it as wide as possible.

Space for Entertaining

Designing a new patio or deck is ideal if you would like an outdoor area for relaxing and entertaining. If you wish to use the space for inviting family and friends, consider how much room you will need. A good rule of thumb is to allow a minimum space of 4 square feet for each individual. There is some fantastic innovative outdoor furniture on the market at the moment, so see what you would like, and in order to give enough space for everyone to move about freely, aim to leave a perimeter of 3 feet of clear space around all sets of furniture.

Beautiful Archways

Just like in idealistic Christmas cards, you too can have your own lovely archways with entwined roses, ivy, pergolas, arbors, or other suitable flowers and greenery. You will be surprised at how quickly it grows around the arch, and becomes so delightful. Be sure to leave sufficient headroom below the archways for tall friends, and to accommodate the growing plants which can hang down two feet or so. So a minimum of 8 feet is advised for the archway from top to bottom. Be sure to place your arch posts at least five inches on the outside of the pathway which goes through them so that you have sufficient width.

Turf Smart

Adding some beautiful green lawn turfs can make the world of difference to your garden. A grass area is great for relaxing, and nice for children to play on. When you have decided on the part of the garden that you would like to turf, create a stunning counterbalance by making boarders on either one or both sides of the grass. Here you can add bountiful beds of colourful flowers with small to medium sized stones or large shells running along both sides of the bed. Ornamentation There is nothing more regal than outstanding ornamentation, something that is very commonplace in all the historic aristocratic mansion gardens around the country. When you design the layout of your ornamentation, look at where you will be putting the objects from all angles of the garden. A small fountain or lily pound would look good in the centre for example, as would a statue.

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